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Within eyesight from Ao Nang and Nopparat Thara beaches and only a short 30-45 minute boat ride away, the local islands of Koh Ha (Island 5), Koh Sie (Island 4), Koh Yawasam, Koh Yawabon, Koh Doh, Koh Talou, and Koh Kai (Chicken Island) provide all divers (beginner-advanced) with excellent opportunities to explore and see the wonders of the underwater world in a relaxed comfortable manner. With a maximum depth of 18 meters / 59 feet, little surge or current, these sites allow you to pursue the offering environments at ease.

All local scuba diving excursions are intimate and personal due to the small group size (3-6 divers), leading to a memorable trip you will not forget. Our famous cook Mia cooks the daily lunch and also fruit and soft drinks are served during the tour. To optimize your diving pleasure, Local Diving takes the time to check the daily tide tables and sea conditions to determine the appropriate time for scuba diving at the various sites, thus the schedule is not set in stone and changes accordingly. Most of all, Local Diving wants everyone to know that scuba diving is FUN yet SAFE, and that is exactly what you will experience at the local islands.

Local Islands Dive Sites

Koh Ha (Island5)

The furthest local island from Ao Nang, this site offers some of the best coral formations locally, with at least 60 different species being found. Due to the presence of numerous gorgonian sea fans, a wide range of crabs and shrimps are viewable. Additionally, a vast array of marine life including barracudas, groupers, seahorses, nudibranches, leopard and black-tip reef sharks are observable.

Koh See (Island4)

Island 4, just before Koh Ha, is an excellent site not only for scuba diving but also for snorkeling and is one of the favorites among the local tour operators. Black-tip reef sharks are commonly spotted here, however briefly as they tend to be quite shy. This site is blessed with large schools of snappers and many groupers. When visibility is not at its greatest, macro enthusiasts can always enjoy the seahorses, a plethora of nudibranches and scorpion fish.

Koh Yawasam

On the outer edge of the local islands, this islet provides divers and snorkelers with spots of shallow coral, where nurse sharks can be commonly seen, along with flat areas of sand. After proceeding to deeper water, more coral and sand can be found. Like the other local islands, observable species of marine life include groupers, banded sea snakes, blue-spotted rays, barracuda, snappers and the occasional turtle.

Koh Yawabon

Stuck in the middle of the islands, this site is generally overlooked by many operators for scuba diving. Therefore, one can expect to enjoy a leisurely dive without any throngs of other divers or snorkelers. Highlights of your dive will include the longest swim- through of the local islands along with large schools of fish which include snappers and barracudas. Other detectable sea lives that appear are large groupers, lobster and blue-spotted rays.

Koh Talu( Koh Mea Urai )

This beautiful site presents divers with two shallow swim-through opening to sandy patches surrounded by large rocks and coral where leopard sharks are frequently spotted sleeping in addition to black-tip reef sharks. On a good visibility day, one can explore the coral at greater depths that reaches out south of the island where large barracuda are often present. Otherwise, one can observe the numerous varieties of nudibranches, shrimp, and the seahorses.

Koh Doh( Hin Bai Rhlua)

Next to Koh Talou, Koh Doh enjoys a large variety of coral consisting of both hard and soft varieties, sea fans, sea whips and leather corals. Frequently seen here are sleeping leopard sharks on the sandy patches along with black-tip reef sharks. Usual characters found around here are barracuda, groupers, snappers and tuna. And as like all the local islands, nudibranches are spotted everywhere. Also be on the lookout for ghost-pipe and pipe fish.

Koh Kai (Chicken Island)

The second nearest islet to Aonang, just past Koh Poda, this site is often utilized for DSD and OW courses due to the shallow water and lack of a strong current. That is not to say that this site is not worth visiting as there is abundant coral around which house a variety of nudibranches, shrimps and crabs. Off the northwest tip of the island, one will likely discover the 3 meters / 10 feet leopard shark that has seemed to have made this spot its home.

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